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Stats (Deposits)

Here, you can peruse a list of deposits within each of the available pools, emphasizing both ease of access and transparency.

Note Wallet

After connecting your non-custodial wallet that you are using to deposit (e.g., Metamask), you can proceed to generate a 12-word mnemonic note wallet. This note wallet serves as a means to verify deposit ownership and is essential for establishing a connection that enables MixToEarn to facilitate deposit, rewards, and withdrawal transactions.

Making a Deposit:

  1. Select a Pool: Choose from various pools, tokens, and deposit amounts. Remember to account for additional funds to cover gas fees and platform charges.

  2. Terms and Conditions: Agree to IntellixShield's comprehensive terms, ensuring you're informed about the platform's operations and your responsibilities as a user.

  3. IntellixGuard Scan: Await the IntellixGuard AI analysis, a process that underscores the platform's dedication to security. A prompt will inform you of the ongoing scan, ensuring you're kept in the loop at every stage.

  • Proceeding Post-Scan: Depending on the security scan's outcome, you'll be guided on whether to proceed with your deposit, highlighting IntellixShield's proactive approach to safeguarding transactions.

Selective Exclusion

Leverage the subset maker tool to curate a list of depositors, excluding entries based on your preferences. This functionality allows for personalized transaction management, further enhancing user control.

Earn From Protocol Fees

To be eligible for rewards, please ensure that you remain in the pool for a minimum duration of 48 hours. Utilize this menu to conveniently review your earned rewards and initiate the withdrawal process. Please note that when withdrawing rewards while retaining the initial deposit within the pool, the user's timer will reset to 0 and commence calculations from that point onward. We recommend users to accumulate rewards and remain in the pool until they decide to withdraw both the rewards and the initial deposit.

Withdrawal Options

  • Initiate Withdrawal: Users start by pasting the destination wallet address and generating the proof of withdrawal for processing.

  • Choose Withdrawal Method:

    • Direct Withdrawal: Opt for this method to cover the gas fees directly from the connected address. It's a straightforward and typically less costly approach to withdrawal, it's important to note that this method creates a traceable link between the address used for paying gas fees and the withdrawal address, potentially reducing anonymity.

    • Withdrawal via Relayer: For those seeking complete anonymity, using a relayer ensures that the transaction is handled discreetly, with gas fees deducted directly from the withdrawal amount. This method offers a significant privacy advantage by ensuring transactions are not directly linked to the user's primary wallet.

Explorer (Withdrawls)

View a list of withdrawals from each of the available pools, emphasizing ease of access and transparency.

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