IntellixGuard will offer a unique and powerful feature by allowing integration with various blockchain applications. This interoperability will significantly expand its protective capabilities, facilitating smooth collaboration with a wide range of privacy solutions. Access to this integration will be available through a one-time fee.

Dapp Security with IntellixGuard AI

  • Advanced Analytics: Equip your protocols and dapps with IntellixGuard’s superior analytics detection capabilities, creating a proactive defense layer against malicious actors. Our system offers unparalleled protection by scrutinizing every transaction for potential risks.

  • Continuous Improvement: Integrate a security system that evolves with your needs. IntellixGuard is not static; it learns and adapts over time, ensuring your application is safeguarded against emerging threats. This adaptability makes IntellixGuard an essential tool for the long-term security of your dapp.

  • Comprehensive User Onboarding Analysis: IntellixGuard can seamlessly integrate into any dapp that requires users to connect their wallet and interact. Before granting users access for the first time, IntellixGuard initiates a thorough scanning process. This includes AI-driven pattern recognition, behavioral analysis, and risk assessment, where each interaction is scored to ascertain its risk level, enhancing transaction security by identifying and mitigating potential risks before they occur.

  • In-depth Risk Factors Analysis: IntellixGuard scrutinizes various factors to ensure a secure transaction environment. This includes engagement with mixer addresses like FixedFloat or Tornado Cash, the source of funds, connections to addresses linked to illegal activities or sanctions, transaction frequency, and involvement in smart contract deployment or creation.

  • Proprietary Security Algorithms: While we maintain confidentiality over the specific workings of our security algorithms due to their sophisticated and proprietary nature, we assure you that IntellixGuard’s analysis is comprehensive. Our approach leaves no stone unturned in securing your transactions, providing peace of mind in the integrity and safety of dapp interactions.

The revenue generated from these integration fees will actively contribute to our ecosystem and bolster our revenue-sharing program, thereby enhancing the value proposition for ITX holders.

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