Safeguarded by AI

Upon initiating a new deposit, users are introduced to IntellixGuard. The interaction process is straightforward but critical for ensuring the security and integrity of transactions. Users must:

  • Agree to Terms and Conditions: Acceptance of IntellixShield's terms is the first step towards a secure transaction. Key aspects of these terms include:

    • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

    • Consent to transaction monitoring by IntellixGuard AI.

    • Acknowledgment of the AI's right to exclude transactions deemed risky.

    • Recognition of IntellixGuard's goal to enhance security and user autonomy in blockchain transactions.

The Scanning Process

IntellixShield employs a comprehensive scanning process powered by AI technologies such as pattern recognition, behavioral analysis, and dynamic risk assessment. Based on this analysis, a risk score is assigned to each user interaction:

  • Result if Malicious (Below 50% Score): Transactions scoring below 50% are considered potentially malicious. Users will receive a notification that the transaction is flagged and deposits related to it will be blocked as a precaution.

  • Result if Safe (Above 70% Score): A score above 70% indicates that the transaction is safe. Users are congratulated and encouraged to proceed with their deposit, ensuring a smooth and secure experience.

  • Result if Score Between 50% and 70%: Transactions that score between 50% and 70% are treated with added caution. While deposits are still permitted, users are informed of the potential risks: "This transaction falls within a cautionary range (50% - 70%). While the deposit is allowed, please be aware that the associated address has been flagged as potentially malicious. Exercise caution and consider that this address might be excluded from other users' transaction subsets.

IntellixGuard represents a significant advancement in transaction security. By seamlessly AI-driven risk assessment into the user experience, it offers an optimal balance of security and user-friendliness.

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