Integration Program

The Intellix Integration Program is tailored to support a variety of projects and communities, offering innovative solutions for token privacy.

Anonymize tokens with IntellixShield

  • Anonymity and Enhanced Transaction Privacy: Experience the best of both worlds with IntellixShield’s protocol, designed to prioritize security, compliance, and user-friendliness. Listing your tokens with us enables users to deposit and withdraw with complete anonymity from wallet A to wallet B.

  • Reward System: Benefit from our unique fee structure where 100% of transaction fees go back into rewarding the community. Rewards for token depositors are determined by the amount deposited and the length of time held.

  • Advanced AI Security: IntellixShield leverages the IntellixGuard AI score system to protect the platform from fraudulent activity, making IntellixShield a safer environment that is more compliant than ever.

  • Broad Announcements: Leverage Intellix’s extensive social media network for your project’s announcements, reaching a wide audience effortlessly.

  • Sustained Support: Enjoy ongoing social media engagement tailored to your project’s milestones and achievements, fostering long-term growth.

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