Intellix Revenue Share Program

Funded mainly by 2% of all trading tax + additional revenue from the Intellix ecosystem, the ITX Revenue Share Program is a testament to our commitment to user convenience and innovation, transcending the conventional boundaries of token staking. This means you maintain liquidity and ease of access to your tokens.

How the Intellix Revenue Share Program Transforms Earnings

The core of our program is a sophisticated yet user-friendly threshold-based system. Here’s how it redefines the earning process:

  • Threshold Achievement: When a predetermined amount of ETH (for instance, 5 ETH) accumulates in the program, the system activates.

  • Snapshot Mechanism: Upon reaching the threshold, our contract takes a snapshot of all token holders.

  • Eligibility Criterion: There’s just one condition for eligibility — if you’ve held the token for 30 days or more, you’re in! any interaction involving the transfer out or selling of $ITX tokens will reset your holding time to day #1. However, increasing your holding amount through buys or transfers in does not reset the holding time and is completely acceptable.

  • Claiming Your Reward: Connect to our revenue share DApp, check your reward amount, and choose whether to accumulate more or withdraw it all at once.

  • Tiered Reward System: Rewards are distributed based on a tiered structure.

The ITX Revenue Share Event

Each time the threshold is met and a snapshot is taken, it marks an $ITX Revenue Share Event. Our goal is to make the claiming process as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Through our dedicated DApp, participants can easily view the details of each event, monitor their eligible rewards, and make informed decisions on whether to claim immediately or accumulate further.

Tiered Reward System

The tiered structure of our reward system is designed to incentivize and accommodate a wide range of participants, offering several benefits:

  1. Fair Distribution: This approach ensures that rewards are distributed more equitably among different levels of holders, recognizing both small and large investors.

  2. Enhances User Engagement: The tiered system motivates users to increase their holdings to reach higher tiers, fostering a more active and engaged community.

  3. Adaptable to User Needs: Whether you’re a large investor or just starting, there’s a tier for you, making the program inclusive and diverse.

Detailed Breakdown of Reward Tiers

Our program is structured to cater to a diverse range of participants, each tier tailored to different levels of involvement:

  1. Platinum Tier (1% — 2%) Highest Reward Tier: Allocate around 25% of the total rewards.

  2. Gold Tier (0.5% — 1%) High Reward Tier: Allocate around 20% of the total rewards.

  3. Silver Tier (0.1% — 0.5%) Moderate Reward Tier: Allocate around 18% of the total rewards.

  4. Bronze Tier (0.05% — 0.1%) Lower-Mid Reward Tier: Allocate around 15% of the total rewards.

  5. Basic Tier (0.01% — 0.05%) Basic Reward Tier: Allocate around 12% of the total rewards.

  6. Entry-Level (Under 0.01%) Minimal Reward Tier: Allocate around 10% of the total rewards.

Adapting to Community Needs

In the spirit of continual improvement and responsiveness to our community’s needs, the percentage allocations of rewards across different tiers will be under ongoing review during the initial events. This approach ensures that we can adapt and optimize the reward structure to better serve the Intellix community. We are committed to transparency and open communication with our users as we refine our reward system.

Several advantages over simply giving rewards based on how much each user holds

  1. Fairness and Equity: A tiered system ensures that rewards are distributed more equitably among different levels of holders. It recognizes and rewards both small and large investors, promoting fairness and inclusivity. Without tiers, large holders might disproportionately receive the majority of rewards, leaving smaller investors with very little or nothing.

  2. User Engagement and Motivation: Tiered systems motivate users to increase their holdings to reach higher tiers. This can lead to a more active and engaged community, as users strive to achieve higher reward levels.

  3. Inclusivity: Tiers cater to a diverse range of participants, making the program more inclusive and accommodating to users with varying levels of investment. This encourages a wider range of people to participate in the program, fostering a sense of community and diversity among token holders.

  4. Flexibility: Users can choose the level of commitment and investment that suits their preferences and financial capacity. Some users may prefer to start with a smaller investment and work their way up to higher tiers as they gain confidence in the project or their financial situation improves.

  5. Adaptability: The tiered system can be adjusted and fine-tuned over time to adapt to changing market conditions, community needs, and project goals. This flexibility allows the project to optimize the reward structure and maintain user interest in the long run.

  6. Transparency and Communication: By providing a clear breakdown of reward tiers and their associated percentages, Intellix demonstrates transparency and open communication with users. Users can easily understand how rewards are allocated and can track their progress towards higher tiers.

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