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In the fast-evolving world of DeFi, sustainable revenue-sharing models are crucial for the long-term success of any ecosystem. Unfortunately, some platforms have faced challenges due to highly inflationary native tokens and unclear fee structures. One such example is Torn, where the revenue-sharing model has caused confusion among its community.

Enter IntellixShield, a groundbreaking DeFi platform that addresses these concerns head-on. IntellixShield offers a unique “Earn and Anonymize” feature, providing users of the platform with a 100% revenue share model while ensuring enhanced privacy.

The Issues with Torn’s Revenue-Sharing Model

Torn’s revenue-sharing model has had unintended consequences, making its native token, $TORN, highly inflationary. Users of Tornado.cash deposit Ether into various Tornado pools to earn anonymity points, which can be sold for TORN tokens. This selling pressure on the token has raised concerns, while the protocol founders seem to be profiting from the fees. Clarity and transparency are paramount in DeFi projects, and this is where IntellixShield sets itself apart.

The IntellixShield Difference: “Earn and Anonymize”

IntellixShield has introduced a game-changing solution to the revenue-sharing conundrum with its “Earn and Anonymize” feature. Users who deposit ETH into any of the available pools get to participate in the revenue-sharing model, unlike traditional platforms that reserve part or all of the fee for the protocol founders.

Here’s how it works: A 1% fee on deposits goes directly into the reward pools. The longer the ETH remains in the pool, the more it earns — a simple and rewarding concept. The longer the deposit stays, the more anonymized it becomes, creating a win-win situation where users not only earn rewards but also enjoy heightened privacy.

Encouraging Wider Adoption and Driving Success

IntellixShield’s inclusive approach significantly contributes to its broader appeal. Unlike platforms that exclusively cater to token holders, IntellixShield encourages wider adoption of the application, attracting more users and driving the overall success of the ecosystem. The flexibility and accessibility of the application make it appealing to both newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

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